Best Coaching Classes In Pune for 11th-12th Science

Unlock Your Potential at Best Coaching Classes In Pune for 11th and 12th Science

AY 2024-26 Admissions Open for 11th, 12th Science Coaching Classes. Enroll now!

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Excel in 11th and 12th Science at Scholars Hub Academy, Pune

Embark on a transformative academic journey with Scholars Hub, your gateway to success in 11th and 12th Science. 

Our distinguished IIT and Kota faculty are dedicated to nurturing your potential and paving the way for a brilliant future.

Our Courses for 11th & 12th Science

Embark on your academic journey with our 11th and 12th Science Coaching Classes in Pune, offering specialized courses for CBSE, ICSE, and HSC boards.

Conveniently located in Ambegaon and accessible from locations such as Dhayari, and Narhe, our dedicated faculty ensures a well-rounded education, preparing students for success in board exams and beyond.

Entrance Exam Integrated Courses

Ignite your path to success with our Integrated Entrance Exam Courses for 11th and 12th Science.

Tailored for JEE and NEET aspirants, our comprehensive programs seamlessly blend board exam preparation with specialized coaching to crack critical entrance exams for Engineering and Medical career.

2 Years Integrated JEE Course

2 Years Integrated NEET Course

2 Years Integrated MHT-CET Course

Board Exams Only Courses

Excel in your board exams with our specialized courses designed for CBSE, ICSE, and Maharashtra State Board (HSC) curriculums.

At Scholars Hub Academy, we offer focused coaching for 11th and 12th Science students, ensuring thorough preparation to score exceptionally well in your board examinations.

2 Years 11th + 12th Board Exams Only

Only 11th Board Exams

Only 12th Board Exams

AY 2024-25: Enroll now In Best 11th and 12th Science Coaching In Pune

Get Admission In Our Super 30 Batch. No exceptions once the 30-student batch is full.

Attend our free demo sessions and experience how our IIT and Kota’s faculties make a difference.

Our Latest 11th 12th Science 2024 Batch Schedules

Bridge Sessions

Bridge Sessions are starting from 26th March 2024

Here, students will learn things that are missed from class 9th & 10th science syllabus but needed in class 11th and 12th science.

26th March 2024

Batch Time

7.30 am


2 pm

(Daily 6+ hours)

(No holidays)

Subjects (PCMB)


(2 Hrs)


(2 Hrs)


(2 Hrs)


(2 Hrs)

FAQs on 11th, 12th Science Classes In Pune

Q: Which all educational board syllabus is covered in the courses?

A: Our 11th, and 12th Science courses cater to students from CBSE, ICSE, and HSC boards, ensuring comprehensive preparation for all major syllabi.

Q: What is the difference between integrated and non-integrated courses for 11th & 12th Science?

A: Integrated courses cover both 11th and 12th syllabi along with any entrance exam preparation in one program. In Integrated courses, students can choose from either JEENEET, or MHT-CET Entrance exams along with 11th/12th board preparation.  

On the other hand, Non-integrated courses focus solely on 11th & 12th board syllabus and cater to only board exams preparation.

Q: What is the schedule for the 11th, 12th board exams courses?

A: Our courses typically follow a structured timetable, with classes held daily throughout the week. There are no holidays. We also conduct weekly exams so that students also focus on preparing for exams and not just attend classes daily.

We usually share all course-related information in the specific batch WhatsApp groups so that everyone remains up to date with daily timetable changes for 11th and 12th science.

The first milestone is the Bridge sessions which are starting from 26th March 2024. Learn more about our bridge sessions here.

Q: Why should I join Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon for 11th and 12th Science course than other institutes in the Ambegaon or nearby Sinhgad Road area in Pune?

A: Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon led by Prof. Roopa Jain is known for the best results in the Ambegaon area

See our Google reviews on what parents are saying about us here on Google. Also, see student’s feedback about Scholars Hub Academy on YouTube.

We have IIT and Kota’s faculty to give you the best education.  See all our faculty information here

In addition, our faculties are highly experienced and with experience as high as 24+ years. Our founder Prof. Roopa Jain has been teaching for CBSE, ICSE, and the State board for the last 17+ years. Our Chemistry faculty Prof. Khan Sir is among the top members of UP Educational Board and is a member of the Answer Sheets Checking Committee for board papers.

Here’s how we are different than other institutes. We are very transparent. You get all the required information from our website. Nothing is hidden.

Q: What is the main mistake students make while choosing the right institute for 11th and 12th Science board preparation?

A: The main mistake students make, is to follow their friends. If any of their close friends or group of friends is joining any big branded institute, the student also follows them without thinking about other best institutes where he can get more personal attention. 

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the courses?

A: Students seeking admission to our 11th and 12th science courses should have completed their 10th standard examinations from a recognized board and meet any additional admission requirements specified by the academy.

Q: Do you provide Scholarships to students?

A: Yes, we do provide the Scholarships. See our Scholarship exam schedule here and register now to receive a scholarship for 11th 12th courses.

11th 12th Science Admission Enquiry

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