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Crack the JEE with Best JEE Classes In Pune by IIT & Kota's Faculty

Embark on your JEE journey with confidence at Pune’s premier coaching hub near Ambegaon bk, Dhayari & Narhe.

Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon bk, led by Prof. Roopa Jain has a distinguished faculties from IIT and Kota bring personalized expertise to propel you toward success in JEE Examination.

We are the only coaching classes with such highly experienced faculties near Ambegaon bkAmbegaon PatharNarheDhayari & Sinhgad road, Pune.

Why to join a coaching class for JEE Preparation?

To get high ranks in JEE Exam, you need to join a coaching class. 

If you think that your home self studies will let you crack the exam, then read the below points on what difference a coaching institute can make to get you a high JEE score.

By joining a JEE Coaching class, you get –

Top 4 Reasons - Why Scholars Hub Is Best JEE Classes In Pune?

At our coaching classes in Pune near Ambegaon near Dhankawdi & Katraj, we stand out as the best for JEE preparation

This is due to our unique teaching methodology for JEE crafted for each JEE aspiring student’s success. 

Our distinguished faculty from prestigious institutions, proven track record of achievements, personalized attention, and strategic coaching methodologies collectively make us the best choice for aspiring JEE candidates in Pune

1. Each Batch With Max 30 Students

Limited Size Class Allows Personal Attention

To ensure an optimal learning environment, each of our batches accommodates a maximum of 30 students.

This limited class size allows for personalized attention, interactive learning, and effective doubt resolution.

2. Faculties from Kota, IITs, NITs

Nurturing Success from IITs and Kota

Our dedicated faculty are from esteemed institutions like IITs and the hub of entrance exams in Kota, Rajasthan.

We are the only JEE classes near Ambegaon with IIT & Kota’s faculty ensuring students get the best guidance.

3. Outstanding Results

Echo’s the dedication & effort we invest in every student

From creating class 10 toppers to achieving 95+ percentiles, our commitment to excellence shines through.

With a 100% pass rate, we pave the way for remarkable academic achievements.

4. Carefully Crafted Course Materials

Cutting edge amenities with specially curated course materials

Enhance your learning with high-quality study materials, notes, and thoughtfully crafted question papers.

Step into our top-notch classrooms, featuring cutting-edge amenities like Mobile Apps for students and parents.

Send Your Inquiry

Send your inquiry now using the below form and get a call back from our team. 

    Scholars Hub
    6 Steps
    JEE Teaching Methodology

    Trust our 6-step methodology for a completely different learning experience for your child. 

    Boosts confidence of students for cracking JEE with high scores.

    6 Step process for JEE Success at Scholars Hub Academy

    Our Unique Methodology That Makes Us The Best JEE Classes in Pune

    Our unique methodology for JEE success is designed to transform your learning experience for JEE Preparation

    Our teaching methodology not only ensures exam readiness but also a deep understanding of clarity in concepts.

     This will help you to achieve success in any related entrance exams and not just JEE.

    Below is our 6 step JEE Teaching methodology to achieve big scores in JEE.

    1. Initial Aptitude Test

    Uncovers Knowledge Gaps and Ignite Improvement with Precision

    2. Concepts Focused Sessions

    Ensuring Every Student Masters Complex Concepts.

    3. Daily, Weekly Practice Papers

    Daily & Monthly challenges to hone your JEE.

    4. JEE Replica Exams

    Replicating the exact patterns of the JEE.

    5. Doubt Clearing Sessions

    Ask your doubts anytime. To any teacher.  

    6. Parent's Meeting

    Parent’s involvement to keep you focused .

    Know our JEE Methodology in details –

    AY 2024-25: Enroll now In Best JEE Classes In Pune

    Get Admission In Our Super 30 Batch. No exceptions once the 30-student batch is full.

    Attend our free discovery sessions and experience how our IIT and Kota’s faculties makes a difference.

    Our Latest JEE 2024 Batch Schedules

    JEE Bridge Sessions

    Bridge sessions aim to fill knowledge gaps from grades 8, 9, and 10th, reinforce core concepts, and prepare you for 11th and 12th learning.

    26th March 2024

    Batch Time

    7.30 am


    2 pm

    (Daily 6+ hours)

    (No holidays)



    (2 Hrs)


    (2 Hrs)


    (2 Hrs)

    JEE MCQs Mock Exams 2024 Schedules

    We conduct extensive MCQ practice sessions for JEE Exam preparation for PCM.

    Through rigorous practice, your understanding of core concepts in subjects like physics, chemistry, and math becomes crystal clear.

    This ensures you’re well-prepared to achieve high scores in the JEE exam.

    Below are the schedules of our JEE MCQs Mock Exams –

    JEE MCQs Test Exams


    (Daily Practice Papers – Chapter Level)


    (Weekly Subjects Level MCQs Exam)


    (JEE Pattern Replica Exam)

    FAQs on Best JEE Classes In Pune

    Q: Tell me some more information about your JEE Course ?

    A: Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon JEE Course is a 2 year integrated JEE course. Our course structure involves covering the 11th, 12th board exams syllabus as per CBSE, ICSE, HSC board. In addition, we prepare you well enough for JEE Exam for admissions to best engineering colleges in India.

    Q: What are fees of JEE Course at Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon ?

    A: Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon JEE Course has the lowest fees compared to other institutes in Ambegaon, Dhayari and Narhe areas in Pune. For the exact fees information of JEE Course, we advise you to visit our academy at Ambegaon bk, Pune.

    Q: Is there a discount available in JEE Course fees at Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon ?

    A: We conduct a scholarship examination for all JEE course students. Securing a top position in scholarship exam are one of the factor with which you can get a discount in course fees. Enroll now for our scholarship exam here.

    Q: Why should I join Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon for JEE course than other institutes in the area ?

    A: First and foremost, our founder Prof. Roopa Jain has 17+ years of teaching exp. in CBSE, ICSE & State boards. She is known for high results in Ambegaon area

    Second, we have IIT and Kota’s faculty to give you the best education.  See all our faculty information here

    Third, we have a very unique teaching methodology for JEE

    Fourth, here’s how we are different than other institutes. We believe in transparency. You get all required information from our website. Nothing is hidden.

    Q: What is the main mistake students do while choosing the right institute for JEE preparation?

    A: The main mistake students do, is to follow their friends. If any of closer friend or group of friends is joining any big branded institute for JEE preparation, the student also follows them without thinking about other best institutes where he can get more personal attention. 

    Q: How Scholars Hub ensures Personal growth and attention in JEE preparation ?

    A: Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon has just 30 students batch

    We don’t take students more than 30. That’s our super 30 formula. Every day, our teachers and staff closely keep an eye on students, their academic progress. 

    We involve parents in all the discussions and keep them informed about their child’s growth. 

    In addition, we have a very friendly culture and hence students don’t hesitate to ask questions to teachers. We believe we are the only institute which achieves the personal attention to students at such level.

    JEE Course Admission Enquiry

    Please fill up this form and receive a call back from us.

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