Scholars Hub 7P Formula to select the best school in Pune

Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon 7 point formula to select the best school in Pune

With the increase in demand for educational facilities, the number of schools and other educational institutes has risen rapidly. In Pune and nearby areas, with more choices available, it’s now a difficult task for parents to find the best school for their child. Scholar’s Hub Academy, Ambegaon 20 Teachers team has come up with a 7P (7-point) formula to select the best school in Pune to help each parent during this process.

How to choose the best school in Pune (Primary & Secondary) for your child?

It’s natural that when we are given a choice to choose from a given list, then we try to evaluate things on various parameters. And when we don’t have a choice, we tend to accept what is available.

In Pune, the abode of Education since the histories, there are several primary and secondary schools emerged in all the parts. As a parent, you try to evaluate and find the best school out of the choices available in your area.

To make the evaluation process easy, our team of 20+ highly experienced teachers at Scholars Hub Academy, Ambegaon, Pune has come up with the below 7P formula to help you in the process.

Now, let’s get into each of the above point one by one to understand the details.

Our 7P Formula to find the best school in Pune

  1. Decide on the Educational board & check the school’s affiliation (CBSE, ICSE, SSC)
  2. Fees Amount & Payment plans
  3. Results record
  4. Reviews of School
  5. Distance from your home
  6. Transportation facilities (& the associated cost)
  7. Infrastructure & Other Facilities

#1 Decide on Educational board & check school's affiliation (CBSE, ICSE, SSC)

Not all primary and secondary schools in Ambegaon bk. and other areas in Pune provides education in all 3 boards viz. CBSE, ICSE & SSC.

Usually, this is the first decision parents need to make about which board to choose from. So, you need to do some research. The best part is you can do this research online. A quick Google search will reveal a lot of results. 

Usually, this is the first decision parents need to make about which board to choose from. So, you need to do some research. The best part is you can do this research online. A quick Google search will reveal a lot of results. 

 A tip from Scholars Hub Academy about board selection –

Read from different online sources & then use a paper/pencil to list specific advantages of each board. Writing things on paper will help you free up your mind from unnecessary things that come up while reading online. 

Now, make a conscious decision between CBSE or ICSE or State board.

#2 Fees Amount & Payment Plans

The fee amount is a crucial decision maker while making a primary and secondary school selection in Ambegaon & other areas of Pune. 

In the year 2024, it may happen that as a parent, you may find the fees of schools a bit higherThe very first thing that comes to mind as a parent is, how much did I pay during my school time?

In Pune, most of the people are migrants from other states of India or other places within Maharashtra. Pune, being a Tier 1 city in India and the city with the best quality of living in India as per Mercer’s survey 2023, has attracted many young talents. 

This is all natural. After all, money is precious. As a parent, we work hard to earn money and it’s natural to think about it while we spend it, even if it’s a crucial decision related to the Education of your child.

To know the fees of any school:

  • Check the school’s official website.
  • Call their mentioned Telephone numbers (Just get a rough idea, don’t ask in detail over the phone).
  • Reconfirm the school price when you visit the school.

Once you know the Fees amount, also know about payment options available. Many schools provide EMI Facilities and payments through Internet banking, cheques, and also Credit cards. 

 A tip from Scholars Hub Academy about Fees & Payment –

Some schools allow payment in multiple installments. So, do ask about this without fail. 

#3 Results Track Record

For primary standards classes, you can ignore this as generally, all students do pass the failure cutoff.

But for secondary and higher secondary classes, you must check this. 

You can get this information from the School administration.

#4 Reviews of School

Check the School’s rating and reviews online & offline to get real perceptions of people who already experienced the school. 

Places to check for online reviews

  • The school’s Google Business profile (Search the School name on Google)
  • Reviews

Places to check offline reviews (More important than online reviews)-

  • Reviews from parents whose students are already enrolled in the school
  • Review from parents whose students are enrolled in some other school (As every parent does some research, you can ask this to know the pain points the parent has found about the schools they researched)

#5 Distance from home

Your child needs to go every day to school. If school is very far from home, it will not be very convenient for your child to suffer the daily chaos of traffic and long journey times. Especially, in monsoon and summer, it becomes more difficult.

In addition, if school is near then you don’t need to opt for a transport facility and thus save some of your hard-earned money. You can drop off and pick up your child with your vehicle and as per your convenience. 

In this, there are no headaches of following the school bus pickup, and drop times, and problems with missing boarding the school bus because your child is late by a minute.

#6 Transportation facilities (& the associated cost)​

If you can’t do pick up drop by yourself, then using the transport is the only option if your child is small and can’t go to school alone.

So, check if the school provides a transport facility or not. And if it does, do also check the fees associated with it (as some schools ask for higher fees considering the distance from your home).

#7 Infrastructure & Other Facilities

Most of the schools in Ambegaon Pune have good basic infrastructure and facilities. So, you will find it all the same. However, some schools in Ambegaon and other areas of Pune do provide better quality facilities and infrastructure than others.

Facilities to check for are –

  • Open playgrounds
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Security practices followed
  • Cultural Events activities, Sports activities

Conclusion on how to select best school in Pune

We hope our 7P formula to select the best school in Pune finds you helpful. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments section

Our team will be happy to answer the same.

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